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Wisdom of the Word
3908 N. Peniel, Suite 320
Bethany, Oklahoma  73008
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About Wisdom Of the Word...

W.O.W. was founded in 1986 by Jeannie McCullough in Bethany, Oklahoma. It began as a weekly Bible study at Bethany First of the Nazarene, growing to over 400 members in its first year. Then, women from other churches and the community began to join. The local enrollment of W.O.W. later exceeded 1,000 and has included men, women, and children of all ages and from many denominations. W.O.W. has been an instrument in uniting the community of believers as well as reaching the unchurched and the lost. It is now ministering across the nation through teaching videos and its WISDOM SERIES lesson books.

About W.O.W. Materials

The W.O.W. Bible study is a devotional study of a particular Book of the Bible. The format generally followed by a group study is to spend 30 minutes in small group discussion and about one hour in a general session with all groups coming together for a time of praise and worship and to view the teaching DVD (approximately 35 – 45 minutes in length.) WISDOM SERIES lesson books for individual study accompany most of our studies. Most lessons take about 30 minutes per day to complete. The DVDs and lesson books are both available from our W.O.W. office. (At this time, DVDs are available on a rental basis only.)

Are you interested in having a W.O.W. Bible study in your church or community? Or are you interested in a workbook to help you study God’s word on your own? For more information, contact the W.O.W. Office at 405-440-2050 or email us at info@wisdomoftheword.org.